Newrest launches its new range of meals for the office and home!

Newrest pleasantly surprised the customers of its corporate restaurants, launching in May the new line of meals “take EAT easy by Newrest”. The range includes 12 meals, with the special touch of Newrest Chefs. Meals are available in hot and cold condition, offering clients the flexibility to enjoy them during their lunch break at work or later, at home.

The range includes options for vegans, popular pasta and fine meat dishes, as well as low calorie choices. All meals are cooked according to the healthy Mediterranean diet and are rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Special emphasis was given to the packaging of the products that reflects the delicious richness of the 12 most popular Greek recipes. The impactful design of the packaging, providing detailed nutritional information of each meal, meets the expectations of contemporary consumers who make their food choices according to taste, nutritional value and stylish appearance on the shelf.


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