CITIZ theme campaign: Newrest takes its customers on a tour of the international Street Food.

Following the annual gastronomy programs that the Newrest Group plans and implements in its clients’ corporate restaurants, this year it launched an original CITIZ theme campaign that will travel its clients to the most famous street food cities in the world: Munich, Palermo, New York, Mexico are just some of the stops this tasting tour will make in 2022-23. Each month the program will be proposing a tasty menu depending on the city.

In Greece, the campaign made a successful launch on October 7 with treats from Germany and Octoberfest, one of the world’s most famous street food festivals held every October in Munich, attracting 6 million visitors.

The theme day’s menu included show cooking with delicious recipes met on the streets of the city during the festival every October, such as Currywurst, German sausages with spicy sauce and curry, and Kartoffelpuffer, crispy potato croquettes with grated onion and spices. Of course, hot pretzels and cold alcohol free beers could not be missing from the proposals of the day, completing the menu pleasure. The meal ended with sweet temptations of praline and strawberry berlines.



The specially designed CITIZ Corner – inside the Newrest restaurants – with the live cooking show of the recipes in front of the customers by the Newrest chef, has already attracted very positive impressions and the success of this first German street food proposal is proof that some tasty traditions are not by chance popular for the last 200 years!

The CITIZ program will be implemented at the Newrest Group restaurants monthly, until next summer, with international street food recipes at their best!


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