Wellbeing Tips


And yet sports drinks can be useful during the summer! Choose to consume them either before or during exercise, especially in endurance sports that last longer than 1 hour.These beverages provide easily absorbable carbohydrates and replenish the fluids and electrolytes we lose due to sweating.


Summer is here and our bodies get more “thirsty”. Entering the summer, our bodies thirst more. Remember that 20% of our daily fluid needs is covered by foods (e.g. soups, fruits, vegetables, yogurt) & 80% by beverages and drinks.


Fruit and vegetables? Choose according to seasonality in order to enjoy maximum taste and nutritional value: Lettuce, arugula, zucchini, green onion and herbs, strawberries, cherries, peaches and apricots are some of your choices!


Control your portions and body weight easily! Use smaller dishes and glasses. Studies show that we consume more food when eating from large plates and drinking from large glasses.


Did you know that adequate hydration can affect exercise performance?Especially when exercising in high temperature and humidity conditions, make sure you are adequately hydrated before and during exercise.


Νow that summer is close, have you started cutting off sugar? Remember, it’s fats that “hide” the most calories. So, watch the amount of olive oil and butter you use, change the quality of your desserts, and make “healthier” junk food choices!


The weather is better so you tend to go and eat out more? When you’ re at a restaurant, you can control your portion by following the ” half plate rule”: fill half your plate with vegetables/salad, then fill 1/4of your plate with whole grain or starchy foods and the remaining 1/4 with lean protein foods.


Do you exercise regularly? Do you know how important pre- and post-workout meals are to your performance and your body image?A small snack, rich in carbohydrates (e.g. 1 slice of bread with honey), about 30 minutes before exercise can enhance your endurance! As for your post-workout meal, a combination of protein and high glycemic index carbohydrates (e.g. fresh juice +boiled egg) is considered ideal for muscle recovery.


Make whole-grain foods (e.g. breakfast cereals, bread, bakery wares, pasta) your everyday choice to improve your weight, blood sugar control and bowel health!


Now that spring is here, do you aim to control your weight? Consume at least 2 portions of fruit daily and have some salad before your main meals. The fiber in fruit and veggies increases satiety and helps us better control our portions.

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