Conducting a Sales Seminar: “The Importance of Effective Customer Service”


Customer service is a central factor in the success of a restaurant. Newrest Hellas conducted a two-day sales seminar on April 13 and 27, aiming to train employees to provide excellent service.

The seminar covered topics such as understanding customer needs through active listening and observation, analyzing purchasing behavior, and the decision-making process. Employees learned to tailor their service to meet the specific needs of customers and create a positive experience.

Emphasis was also placed on excellent product knowledge, speed of service, and politeness, elements that contribute to creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The concept of Customer Experience (CX)—the overall experience a customer receives throughout all touchpoints with the restaurant, —and the importance of effective communication, were thoroughly analyzed, aiming to create a positive and harmonious experience centered on customer trust and understanding.

Complaint management was also a central theme of the seminar, emphasizing the immediate and professional resolution of issues. The seminar was completed with simulations and case studies, offering participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge in realistic situations.

The sales seminar was a defining experience for the employees of Newrest Hellas restaurants, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver outstanding customer service. The company’s commitment to training and continuously improving its staff’s skills contributes to creating a positive and memorable experience for every customer, enhancing customer loyalty, and ensuring the successful growth of its restaurants.


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