Newrest’s New Code of Conduct

Newrest’s New Code of Conduct was published on 20/09/2023 and constitutes the manifesto of the Group, including all its subsidiaries. It is a guiding tool, which restates the principles of the company, reaffirms its values, and defines a clear framework for the performance of its activity.

This Code includes a wide range of corporate practices and procedures, which set the framework for the operation of all the company’s employees, as well as its suppliers, customers, and partners. All of them, without exception, must operate in accordance with the principles and standards established by the new Code and, of course, by international and local legislation.

This manual is developed around 5 corporate pillars:

  • Exemplarity through its fight against corruption and abuse of all forms of power. The company achieves this by promoting fair competition and selecting suppliers and partners in an objective, fair and transparent manner.
  • Ethics by supporting and promoting the development of the skills of its employees, respecting diversity. At the same time, it makes sure to maintain a safe working environment, where basic, fundamental human rights are protected.
  • Responsibility that all information produced in the context of its business activities is transparent, comprehensive, and reliable. In this context, it condemns any incident that violates the law or the principles of the Code. In addition, it shows respect for privacy, protecting all kinds of personal data.
  • Customer Service Culture adhering to the most demanding standards in terms of food hygiene, quality, and safety. Customers are at the heart of our business, striving for the highest level of satisfaction. Regarding its products and services, it provides end consumers with clear, comprehensive, and verifiable information.
  • Integration through actions which aim to maximize the positive impact on the local communities in which it operates. With its main priority being the support of local producers, it contributes to the further development of their know-how.

It is the responsibility of all Newrest employees to inform and comply with these principles of the Code. For this reason, the company has proceeded with a series of informational meetings to ensure that everyone understands the responsibilities and obligations arising from the Code of Conduct. The aim of the code is to create a fair and positive environment for all.


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