Enrichment of the “take EAT easy by Newrest” meal variety

Following the successful “take EAT easy” meal range, the chefs of Newrest return with 5 new meal suggestions for vegans, vegetarians and lovers of fine meat.

Vegetable Moussaka, Spinach, Baked Beans, Grilled Chicken fillet with baked potatoes with mustard, Bourguignon Veal with handmade mashed potatoes; 5 quality meals of high nutritional value and stylish appearance with Greek and European character.

Newrest customers have loved both the 12 meals introduced in May and the 5 new ones and choose to enjoy them at the office and at home. Seeing the success of the range, the company is already moving on to the creation of more proposals to increase the variety, to focus on seasonal ingredients and meet the preferences of its customers.


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