Intense activity of Newrest in the Greek islands, due to this year’s rise in tourism

May was the startup month for the charter flights of the private airlines European Air Charter and Marabu.

It is Newrest’s first partnership with European Air Charter, which was established in June 2000 and operates commercial flights to transport passengers, cargo and mail to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.

European Air Charter launched its flights from Rhodes airport on May 13 until October 28, with two weekly flights to Germany’s Düsseldorf & Leipzig/Halle airports and Austria’s Linz airport.

In addition, on May 21, the company’s flights from Heraklion, Crete, started with two weekly routes to Linz and the German airport Flughafen Graz. These itineraries will last until November 5 with Buy on Board service.

Marabu is an Estonian leisure airline based in Tallinn, with operations at Hamburg Airport and Munich Airport in Germany. This Airline also started on May 15 with flights from Heraklion with two daily itineraries to Germany to the international airports of Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Leipzig/Halle, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. Flights will continue until October 23.

We wish the two airlines a pleasant and productive summer!


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